Our Services

Successful breeding in the Standardbred horse industry in being able to make your efforts profitable is no longer a game. Like playing the stock market, those who make use of the best expertise will be those poised to make a profit over those playing for fun.

This is where Benstud Standardbreds can make the world of difference for you in what has become a tough and competitive business where you need to make your own luck. Created to give the professional horse breeder the advantages, Benstud has introduced a policy of equine excellence and is prepared to stake its reputation on delivering the goods.

With 2 properties, one in Victoria and the other in NSW it gives our clients the opportunity to bred their mare and take advantage of breeding bonuses in NSW & Victoria.  Our Victorian propety is situated in the heart of Victoria’s lush Murray Valley region, it is 30 miles north of Shepparton at Katunga, midway between Numurkah and Cobram. This property consists of 600 acres of irrated land and all fencing are equine safe using equiwire and bayco with all external fencing mesh to ensure the safest environment for your horses. Our NSW business started at the very prestigious Glenferrie farm of 300 acres with some of the most modern facilities available and we have now expanded with the purchase of 320 acre Lake Birubi in Crookwell property. This property is in the heart of blue ribbon country and situated only minutes from the thriving township of Crookwell.  It has an outstanding pasture base with a mix of tall fescue, phalaris and ryegrass and sub clover content.  The rich basalt soil is and good annual rainfall this property is an absolute gem in the Benstud belt.

Benstud Standardbreds promises you a comprehensive and professional service to provide nothing but the best services to all clients. Our complete range of services are at very competitive rates and include:

Breeding:   Our qualified Vet and Equine Reproductive Specialist Ellen Newton-Oostelaar from Diamond Genes Reproduction center is one of the best in the business with outstanding conception rates every year.  Semen chilled or frozen is transported to our AI centre as we have no stallions standing, giving our clients the freedom to choose sires from any country in the world or any state in Australia.  Craig, Mark, and Eilish are all certified AI technicians so your mare can be bred as soon as they are ready.  Our NSW veterinarian Amber Davis in on farm for all breeding and foaling during the season providing 24 hr veterinary care available.

Foaling: A nightwatch is in attendance for foaling down during the foaling season, aided by a vulva transmitter stitched into the mare so when the labia opens as the foal is presented, a magnet is realeased from the transmitter and an inaudible radio signal is sent to the receiver & dialler which emits an acoustic alarm and staff called to advise of your mare foaling. This system avoids false alarms and ensures we are always present through all foalings. 24hour access to GV equine & Cobram vets ensure any problems are addressed in a timely manner in Victoria.  Your foals are inspected by our professional farrier and corrective trims are performed as your foal grows to help avoid any conformation problems raising its head.

Weaning: The weaning process starts when your foal is around 4 months old.  Our experienced staff have designed the process so that it is as stress free as possible.  The weanlings are hard fed in the paddock with their mothers so the dietary change is not a stress factor.  The foals are stabled for a week at a time and will usually be done in 2-3 stages.  In the first stage it is all about gaining trust with the foal and working with them to gain a willingness to work with you without being forced into anything. By the end of the process your weanling has been taught to lead, tie up, pick up feet, be led off the back of a motorbike, go on the walker and jogger and desensitised, resulting in a calm & willing young horses. A vaccination program is introduced at this time and will your young foal will come up every 6 weeks to be drenched and hooves trimmed by a professional farrier with a specialist knowledge of foal confirmaion issues and ensures that any developmental issues can be identiried.

Yearling Sales: You only have one crack at achieving top dollar for your product, and we provide a yearling-sale preparation on the farm for all yearlings to be at their best on that day. We have a sales preparation area that comprises 46 boxes, a jogger and a 9 horse walker.  A specificaly designed diet is provided by the expert dieticians from Prydes to ensure that all our yearlings are given the optimal opportunity to grow during the 8 week yearling program.

Breaking in: It is most important to have this done right. Our facilities include a 1200 metre all-weather track to provide excellent conditions for breaking in and pre training.

Agistment: We are ideally situated to provide the best for mares, foals and racehorses to graze on fully irrigated pastures, using concentrated feed supplements if required.  Safe fencing and excellent farm management with support from our expert equine nutritionist and local agronomists.

Benstud Standardbreds’ strong client base is growing, testimony of how owners are becoming more professional in their outlook. We look forward to all further enquiries that will help you succeed in this great sport of Harness Racing.